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Flightseal WingWalk Sheet
Flightseal WingWalk Sheet

Our Price: $7.00 Order by the running foot

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Flightseal Wing Walk sheet is self-adhesive and easily cut with scissors. This durable, non-skid surface is also non-abrasive. This embossed vinyl wing walk material is easy on your knees and has no sandpaper-like grit which can come off and scratch your paint. Instead, the texture and non-skid properties come from the crinkled-vinyl texture.

Made from top quality vinyl, this sheet should last the life of your plane. Flightseal Wing Walk sheet has good gripping power even when wet so you won't slip and damage your airplane or yourself.

The sheet is 0.013" thick x 12" wide. Order by the running foot. Typical wing walk paths on most homebuilts and other aircraft are approximately 2' to 2 1/2' per wing. Width is easily trimmed if required.

Compare to the Big Box aircraft supply house which sells similar material for a whopping $11/ft.

We also have this material available in 30" pre-cut lengths. Save a few bucks on our most popular size.