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RV Rocket Steering Link
RV Rocket Steering Link

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Control Arm

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The RV Rocket Steering Link was invented by Terry Jantzi, an award winning RV-6 builder. It will fit the RV-4, RV-6, RV-7, RV-8, RV-9, RV-14, Harmon Rocket II and the F1 Rocket.

No modifications are required and all of the hardware is included. You get everything necessary for quick installation: steering link, control arm, and rod ends. This item now ships standard with a Tie-down control arm, giving you a handy place to tie down your tail.

The RV Rocket Steering Link is a good way to tidy up the tail end of your aircraft. It weighs less and it is a simple way to replace those draggy looking chains and springs.

Is it a speed modification? It sure looks like one!

How can I tell if I have the stock Vans tailspring and full locking tailwheel?
If your tailwheel pivots 360 degrees, you have a full swivel tailwheel. If your tailwheel locks and unlocks then you have a locking tailwheel. If your tailwheel assembly looks like a Vans assembly and the vertical shaft is 7/8 inches in diameter you probably have a Vans unit.
What if my vertical shaft diameter is 3/4 inches?
Some of the older RV-4 or RV-6 kits were converted from a non-swivel tailwheel and an Aviation Products tailwheel was used. The tailwheel assembly will look like the Vans product but the vertical shaft diameter is 3/4 inches.

We do have control arms available that will fit the Aviation Products tailwheel. Order those items here. If you need the AP control arm, you can select "No control arm" on this item and then add the AP arm to your cart separately.

Is there any measurement I can take to assure the RV Rocket Steering Link will fit my aircraft?
Measure the distance from the center of the hole in the rudder horn (the aft hole) to the center of the hole in the steering arm while the rudder and tailwheel are in trail. If you have a measurement between 13 and 13-1/2 inches then the standard size Steering Link will fit.

What does it mean if the measurement is not between 13 and 13-1/2 inches?
It means your kit has been modified. The older RV4 and RV6 kits came with a non-swivel tailwheel. Some of these kits were modified to take a full swivel locking tailwheel. In the modification process the tailspring was cut. In most of the cases I have seen on these modified units, the distance between rudder horn and control arm can be as short as 12 1/4 inches as much as 14 1/4 inches. In these cases, we may be able to work with you to get a special size made or make recommendations for making the standard size work. Please contact us for more information.

Why would I order with no control arm?
If you already have a single-sided control arm for whatever reason, if you are ordering this link along with a tailwheel mounting kit (which includes a control arm), or if you're ordering an API control arm separately, you can order this link without the arm included. We do not recommend that you use an existing double-sided control arm with this product. The Steering Link control arm features a twist in the arm by design, which you would not have if using a standard double-sided arm.