Contacting Flyboy Accessories:

The absolute best way to get in contact with us is by email at

If it's possible to condense your question into an email, please do that rather than calling. As we grow our business, it's becoming increasingly difficult for us to keep up with phone calls. As much as we enjoy chatting with you folks, we are essentially a one-man shop and every minute that I spend on the phone is taking away time from filling orders and developing new products. Moving more customer interactions to email will allow us to serve you better and answer questions more quickly. If you don't use email or absolutely must get us on the phone, scroll to the bottom of this page for our phone number.

Placing an order by phone

If you are wanting to place an order over the phone, please FIRST send me an email with your billing and shipping address, contact phone number, and what items you would like to purchase. We will enter the order details on our end and call for payment information.

Shipping items to us

Our shipping address is:
Flyboy Accessories
3963 Caborn Road North
Mount Vernon, IN 47620

Our company history:

In 2007, Vince Frazier, began producing an improved tailwheel fork for Rockets, RVs, and similar aircraft. That one product quickly grew into a wide variety of aviation products and pilot accessories that became Flyboy Accessories.

Flyboy is founded on the drive to find the best products available and put them in the hands of pilots everywhere. We strive to do so with honest, competitive prices, fast and friendly customer service, and a shared love of aviation.

Our team

Blake Frazier

Blake may be reached at Blake is the office manager of Flyboy Accessories, and in charge of the everyday operations. He spends most of his time packing up orders, talking with customers, working on the website, and dreaming up what's next.

Vince Frazier

Vince may be reached directly at, because he is spearheading the operation to bring the F1 Rocket back into production, along with the four-cylinder variant of the same aircraft, officially dubbed the F4 Raider. Technically, Vince doesn't even work for Flyboy Accessories, but sometimes I sucker him into making things for us or answering difficult questions.

Shop Dogs
Rescue pups Dax and Jade hang out in the shop during the day and manage our "free dog hair with every order" program.

Call Flyboy Accessories toll free at 888-8FLYBOY (888-835-9269). If we don't answer PLEASE leave a voicemail with your name and the reason for your call, so we can be ready with an answer when we return the call.