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Flyleds "The Works" Wingtip Lighting Kit
Flyleds "The Works" Wingtip Lighting Kit

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Our Price: $599.00

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Please do the soldering for me [Add $150.00]

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Assemble spotlights for me [Add $30.00]

Ever since we launched The Original Flyleds kit we have received a constant stream of emails asking "Do you do landing lights as well?" We held off for a long time because there were some great products already out there, and we even came up with The Skinny boards to enable builders to use lights like the Baja Designs Squadron Pros.
For The Works lights, we are using exactly the same spec (we think!) Cree XHP35 LED as found in the Baja's. Even with only three units instead of their four, with ~3600 lumens of light on each wing we're not sure you'd notice the difference!

We have sourced some high quality collimating lenses from Ledil in Finland. Rather than using reflectors, collimators make use of 'total internal reflection' to make a very tight light beam with very little spill. That means more photons going to where they are needed; front and center!

For simplicity the LEDs are driven with a linear constant current power supply. Linear supplies generate heat, not headset noise!

Need taxi/flood lights as well? Our new controller board will also turn on the strobe LEDs (continuously, at reduced power) so you get a flood of light around your plane.

Even if you're a daytime VFR flyer, by wig-wagging your lights you will be seen by both human and feathered pilots coming for miles.

"The Works" lighting kit:

Position lighting
Strobe lights
Landing lights
Flood lights
WigWag function built in.
What was the price again?

Supplied as a kit of electronic parts (left and right wings, plus the control board), you need to solder the strobe and position LEDs and other components onto the wing circuit boards and the controller board. We can build it for you, but hey, you built an entire aeroplane. You can do this too! With a temperature controlled soldering iron and a fine tip*, you and your kids can assemble these kits in one or two evenings.

Match "The Works" kit with one of our tail strobe options and you're covered.
The landing lights are built around two independently aimable aluminium circuit boards, and we have already done all the electronics on these. You just need to do some minor assembly: screws, glue, rivet some nutplates on and juggle some springs. Easy stuff!
If you have previously bought a Flyleds kit (Thank You!), please select the Upgrade Kit option and we will supply you with two new forward facing circuit boards and associated components for the strobe and position LEDs.

Please note: we will include the Wigwag heatsinks with all Works Kit orders.

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