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The Screaming Eagle Tailwheel Fork is our flagship product. When we began producing the Screaming Eagle fork, it was sold on a simple link from vincesrocket.com, and due to its quality, workmanship and performance, the demand for them rose. Eventually this product led the way to the webstore that is now Flyboy Accessories, and with several hundred Screaming Eagle tailwheel forks flying, we're still making them and pilots around the world are enjoying the benefits of the best retrofit tailwheel on the market.

The Screaming Eagle Tailwheel system drops into a standard Van's tailwheel configuration and gives better obstacle clearance and improved handling on the ground. We believe it's the best investment you could make to improve on-the-ground handling of your airplane. We also sell all the supporting hardware that you could need to install and maintain your Screaming Eagle tailwheel.
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